1865: Milan Emmons to Caroline Adelia Fuller


This letter was written by Sgt. Milan Emmons (1844-1931) of Co. G, 67th Ohio Infantry. Milan enlisted in November 1861, was promoted to corporal in May 1862, promoted to sergeant in May 1864, and mustered out with the regiment on 1 September 1865 at Richmond, Virginia. The letter is only signed “Milan” but he mentions several siblings by name, including his twin brother Myron, which confirms his identity.

Milan was the son of William Emmons (1806-1857) and Betsey Emaline Fuller (1812-1884) of Columbia, Loraine County, Ohio. They were married in 1829 when Betsey was only 16 years old. Milan married Jane Lewis (1850-1936) on the 4th of July 1867 at Clinton, Michigan, where he became a farmer.

Milan wrote the letter to his cousin, Caroline (“Carrie”) Adelia Fuller (1846-1938), the daughter of Ebenezer Newton Fuller (1819-1907) and Permelia Reich (1821-1905) of Strongsville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. She married Newell Joseph Fuller (1844-1937) in March 1870 and remained a life-long resident of Cuyahoga County. Carrie’s father was a younger brother of Milan’s mother, making them first cousins.


Addressed to Miss Carrie Fuller, Strongsville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Louisa Court House, Virginia
August 11, 1865

Dear Cousin Carrie,

With pleasure I seat myself this afternoon to answer your much welcome letter which was received a few hours since. It was twice welcome as I don’t get many letters now. I don’t know what the reason is unless it is too much trouble to correspond with so dull a writer. Myron hasn’t wrote to me since he went to Michigan and Lucinda has wrote twice and Angeline hasn’t wrote since last May. I received a letter from Wealthy today with some good news. She said Joel Seaton ¹ was home but I’ll not mention what she said about him.

We have been looking for the paymaster pretty sharp for the last week but I have almost given up looking now but hope he will make his appearance soon. Uncle Sam owes us from the first of January but I wouldn’t care for myself if I [only] had some money to send to mother. Myron left her without any greenbacks and hasn’t sent her any since he went away but this won’t do. I am finding too much fault with others and not looking at my own faults. However, I know you will excuse me as I have a hard headache and everything appears to go around.

We expect to be consolidated with the 62nd Ohio — that don’t look much like going home. I suppose you are having gay times round Strongsville since the soldiers commenced coming home — at least I hope so. You will have Sarah there to join in with your pleasure before this reaches you. How I would like to be one of the number sometimes.

Then you would like to have me there to help you eat pears, would you? I am afraid if I was there a few days, your pears would soon be minus. The health of the regiment is better than it was although there are a good many sick now. There hasn’t [been] but one death occurred in the regiment and that was Edward Hathaway — the sutler’s brother. There has three deaths occurred with the citizens — one child at Mr. Robinson and one young man drowned and one man killed by the cars.

Election came off here yesterday. What the results were, I haven’t heard. It went off as quiet as could be expected — no fighting like the Richmond election. They will have to elect different men or have more trouble. The men that were elected before were men that had held office under the Confederacy and the government strictly forbid such men holding any office.

Carrie, you need not thank me for the ring and as for sending anything, I think you have sent something worth a dozen rings. I will try and profit by that [religious] tract. I am glad you never miss going to prayer meeting. How I wish my sisters were like you but I will put my trust in God and hope to see them see the folly of this life some day. There isn’t much chance for attending church here as there is no meeting except Sunday and, as often as not, am on duty that day. You know that military duty has to be done on Sunday as much as any other day.

Will have to close as my paper is getting nearly full. You must excuse me for not giving your respects to Annie as I have stopped going there. Give my love to all. Write soon and address as before. — Milan

¹ Probably the same Joel Seaton who served with the 5th Independent Company, Ohio Sharpshooters. They mustered out of the service on 19 July 1865.


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