1864: James Ingram to Julius C. Miller


This letter was written by Sgt. James Ingram (1841-18xx) of Co. I, 24th Kentucky (Union) Infantry. He was the son of John Ingram (1814-1862) and Elizabeth Wills (1816-1870) of Bath, Kentucky.

He wrote the letter to 2nd. Lieut. Julius C. Miller (18xx-1900) of the same regiment. Julius enlisted in December 1861 as a sergeant in Co. I and was later promoted to 2d Lieutenant. He was wounded and stayed at a hotel in London, Kentucky, for 32 days in 1863 before he resigned29 July 1863. He died (of “melancholia”) in 1900 at the Central Kentucky Insane Asylum.


Headquarters 24th Kentucky Infantry
Covington, Kentucky
December 22nd 1864

friend Julius C.,

You got off without seeing me tho’ it was not my fault. The day you was out to see the regiment, I was in Cincinnati and yesterday I went to Cincinnati to see you & was directed to the Madison House on Main Street above the Galt House & by the directions, did not find the house. So this morning I found that the Madison House was close to the river and I was over this morning early looking for you & behold you was gone. I am very sorry that I did not see you [after] coming so far to see us.

Well, Julius, I am enjoying myself hugely. You know I always am contented. I guess you would not know me as I have grown so tall since you last saw me. Well, I think I have come out very well. I was with my regiment very close on all of our long & toilsome marches. I was Commissary Sergeant when you left us at London, Kentucky. Shortly after, I got tired of being cussed & ordered by Lieut. Trumbo and asked to be relieved of my rank which was granted & I joined Co. I as Sergeant. During the siege of the never to be forgotten Knoxville, Benj. P. D[eSilve] was promoted & I was appointed First Sergeant & so I am yet.

I have had my health very good except one bad spell of dysentery. That was last summer a short time before Atlanta was taken. I left the regiment near Atlanta on the 6th day of August & was sent to Knoxville, Tennessee, and joined the regiment on the 24th day of September at Lexington. The regiment marched from Lexington to Mt. Sterling & then back to Lexington. When the regiment started from there to Lexington, I went to Croingsville on five days pass & once more had the honor to see my many friends in Bath.

I have an idea of going to Pittsburg when I am mustered out & so I will stop & see you. With many wishes for your future welfare & prosperity, I am your friend &c. — Jim Ingram



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