1864: Charles Hiram Morrill to George H. Morrill


This letter was written by Charles H. Morrill (1838-1904), a 24 year-old resident of Andover, New Hampshire, when he enlisted in Co. E, 10th New Hampshire Infantry. He was wounded in the Battle of Cold Harbor and was recuperating at Knight’s General Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut when he wrote this letter to his brother, George Harriman Morrill (1842-1880) who served in the same company.

Charles and George were the sons of Hiram Morrill (1808-1864) and Mary McClure (1809-1895) of Andover, New Hampshire.


Knight’s General Hospital
New Haven, Connecticut
July 24, 1864

Dear Brother,

I will drop you a line this morning to let you know where and how I am. I could not get my furlough extended. The doctor had got orders not to extend any furloughs. If I had got [my?] Dr. to write to the Dr. [here?], I could have got it extended but don’t know but I am about as well off here as anywhere. They can’t send me to the regiment yet awhile. There is a [lot] left to be sent [to] their regiment from here today. My wound is quite painful this morning. It will feel better after it has a chance to rest. They are a going to send a lot off to some other hospital. I don’t know whether I shall have to go or not.

If there is any lettres come for me, I wish you would send them to me. Put “Ward C” on one corner of the envelope. I guess I will not try to write any more this time but will write again soon. Write soon. Tell Mother I will write to her soon.

Yours truly, — C. H. Morrill


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