1864: Francis W. Wallace to Daniel Rohrer

This letter was written by Cpl. Francis W. Wallace (1839-1888) of Co. G, 147th Pennsylvania Infantry. Co. G was known as the “Dutch Company” of Snyder county and the Keystone Guards. Francis was enumerated as a married, 24 year-old saddler in Chapman township, Snyder county, Pennsylvania, at the time of the Draft Registration in June 1863. He mustered into Company G as a 4th Corporal and mustered out as a Sergeant. Francis was married to Lydia M. Schrawder [sister of Henry Haulman Schrawder, also in Co. G] (1837-1895) about 1858. One son James (1859-1861) died as a toddler. Another — William H. Wallace — (1861-1937) died in February 1937.

Francis wrote the letter to Daniel Rohrer (1819-1880), a justice of the peace in Snyder county, Pennsylvania.


Addressed to Daniel Rohrer, Esq., McKees ½ Falls, Snyder county, Pennsylvania
Postmarked Chattanooga, Tennessee

Camp Pioneers
Atlanta, Georgia
September 26th 1864

D. Rohrer, Esq.
Dear Sir,

Since I wrote to you last, I have left Bridgeport. I arrived at Atlanta on the 23rd. I found all my companions well and in good spirits. It appeared almost like home itself when I got here after being away from the command so long. The boys in the company are enjoying themselves splendid with the exception of Elias Millhoff. ¹ He is pretty sick but he is getting some better now. Capt. [Nelson] Byers is with the company now. He is well.

I have got a favor to ask of you, which I wish you would do for me if it is not too much trouble, and that is this. I will have to be assessed at home before my vote will be worth anything. My election fee will also have to be paid. I understand the fee is only ten cents. I am exempt from all other tax. Now you will do a great favor for me if you have me assessed and pay the election fee for me. I shall try and make it all right with you hereafter. I want to give Father Abraham a histe [hoist] and I want my vote to do some good. Our company will go in pretty strong for Lincoln although the principal part have voted the Democrat ticket heretofore.

We expect to be paid off before long. I have got eight months pay due me now which would come very handy just now, but it is doubtful whether I will get it all this time. I may not get any pay as was not mustered for pay last time.

I have been considerable under the weather for a few days but I feel some better this morning. I think I will be all right in a few days.

Give my respects to all friends. P[eter] R. Huffer, Jacob Leiter [Leiden], and E[lias] Millhoff join me in sending their respects to you. [Uriah P.] Hafley is in the rear someplace in the hospital. I am, sir, your true friend and well-wisher, — Francis W. Wallace

Write soon.

¹ Elias Millhoff enlisted in Co. G, 147th Pennsylvania as a private. He mustered out as a sergeant.


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