1864: Charles Almeron Tripp to Almeron Tripp


This letter was written by Charles Almeron Tripp (1845-1902), the son of Almeron Tripp (1815-1895) and Sylvia Burns (1813-1887) of Albion, New York. Charles enlisted at Rochester on 22 February 1864 at the age of 18 in Battery D, 4th New York Heavy Artillery. He mustered out at Washington D. C. on 26 September 1865.


Addressed to Almeron Tripp, Albion, Orleans county, New York

Auger Hospital
July 26th 1864

Dear Friends,

Seeing that it is my birthday I thought I would write home and give a description of my journey here. Monday the 17th, I left Chestnut Hill and went to Philadelphia. Stayed in Philadelphia two days. Received our arms — “nice Springfield Rifle.” Took the cars and went to Havre de Grace. We there took a steamboat and went to Baltimore. Arrived at Baltimore in the morning. Took dinner in Baltimore and then took the cars for Washington. arrived in Washington about six o’clock. Went a little way and seen some of the 151st New York boys. Stayed at the Soldiers Retreat overnight. Then went to Clifton Barracks. From there we went to Sixth Street wharf, took a steamboat and went to Alexandria and from there to Camp Distribution.

I didn’t feel very well so I looked out for myself and got a ride. I tell you, there is no other way but to look out for oneself for no one will look out for you. A person has got to have a decisive mind of his own and then he can get along.

I am glad I have no brothers in the army or any relation for them that has is always a worrying about them. Write and tell all the news around home. Things is all dried up here but yesterday we had a nice shower. How does the new mowing machine work? Do you work the big colt on it. Does the little sucking colt grow nice? It is a horse or mare colt? I went a blackberrying yesterday and got all I could eat. Write soon.

Yours, — Charles A. Tripp, Auger Hospital near Alexandria, Va.

Ward 3



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